About Us

Exclusive Bonds, in association with MultiNet Mortgages, is a specialist home loan origination company providing innovative financial solutions to South African home-buyers. Our sales force of highly experienced, bank-trained home loan consultants will provide the right advice for your short and long-term needs, with easy access to home loans and more.

Our ability to offer efficient, fast service has helped us to establish relationships with leading estate agents, property investors and developers nationwide. Equipped with the latest electronic submission software connected to the major banks, and as a trusted partner in providing market insights and up-to-the-minute information on home loan products, Exclusive Bonds consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers, estate agents, property investors and property developers.



Exclusive Bonds offers you a single point of contact for all your home loan needs, ensuring that the right advice is always just a phone call away. By sourcing finance for you from a broad range of banks, and harnessing the expertise of our bank-trained consultants, we ensure you get the best rates and right advice on your home financing needs.

You can rely on us to guide you through the various banks’ product features, pricing, service offerings, credit requirements and property preferences. Our exclusive focus on home loans means you can rest assured we will place your home loan with the bank that is best positioned to process your bond most efficiently.

Exclusive Bonds specialises in Buy-to-Let investors. We understand property investment gearing and yields. Build your property portfolio with Exclusive Bond’s team of experts.

Ultimately we ensure that you get the best advice, great rates, exceptional service, convenience, peace of mind and added value every step of the way.

We are there to provide you with the following services as originators:

– Negotiate the best interest rate for you;
– Evaluating your financial situation;
– Advising you on the best way of financing your new home;
– Helping you apply for finance;
– Explaining all the different banks’ home loan options;
– Negotiating and liaising with the banks on your behalf;
– Assisting with all the necessary paperwork to apply for a home loan